Company Policy

Employee Cleaning Safety

Employee Policies

All Queen’s Maid Cleaning Service employees are uniformed, bonded and insured. Our professionals receive comprehensive training, are well-supervised and are subject to frequent quality checks. Each member of our team is selected following thorough background and reference checks.

The same Queen’s Maid Cleaning Service team you will come to know and trust will clean your home or business each time. We will never eat, drink, smoke or use any of your items while in your home.

Your safety is our top priority!

House Cleaning Security

We are honored to be invited into your homes and businesses. All keys are kept safe and secure throughout the cleaning process and any keys kept in our care are specially coded for your protection. A lock box is also available at a small monthly fee. We take extreme care not to damage your property.

If something is damaged, rest assured that you are fully protected. Queen’s Maid Cleaning Service will take the necessary steps to repair or replace the damaged item.

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Scottsdale House Cleaning Service

Client Feedback

We have built our client base on the trust and personalized care we have provided over the years. We take on the burden of heavy house cleaning to make your life a little easier. Our goal is to give our customers peace of mind and a little extra time in their busy schedules. As a locally based business, you can be confident that we will offer you or your business the best maid service possible and be immediately available to address any questions or concerns you might have. We appreciate your patronage.